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The Taupo Tables

The Taupo Tables

Delivered in 2010

Taupo District Council’s Urban Design team in collaboration with Urbanlogic have placed new ‘people hubs’ around the Taupo CBD to create funky and flexible mini spaces for locals and visitors to gather.

The Next Generation Childcare facility in Birkenhead is a place enjoyed by children and adults alike, and a place to experience the natural environment and imagination play within a distinctly urban context. We carefully designed layers and diversity of play experiences, for children to interact and reconnect with the natural world

In 2013 Urbanlogic developed a new Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) methodology and process that offers 100% verified and accurate VIA photomontages which has resorted to 10 high profile projects that gained Resource Consent. Urbanlogic have a proven track record in providing accurate VIA and verifiable simulated views.

Urbanlogic have developed a new way to explore your city by developing an app called ARTQUEST: K’RD in conjunction with Artweek Auckland (10-19 October)

The app features augmented reality, geo-referencing and gamification combined with art, the urban environment and public realm design. It is the first of its kind here in NZ.

Urbanlogic in collaboration with Brewer Davidson have been appointed as the Landscape Architects for Clayton Park School, Auckland

Who we are

Urbanlogic is a Landscape Architecture and Urban Design consultancy dedicated to New Thinking, New Possibilities.

"We take a fresh new perspective on how to bring urban environments to life. Delivering beyond the obvious and the conventional to create places unique and special to New Zealand".

Our Service

Our unique creative vision, track record and over 16 years experience in urban design, public realm, shared space / streetscapes, detail design, regeneration, visual impact assessment and using new innovation / technology.

This breadth of expertise has enabled Urbanlogic to become one of the most creative and exciting new breeds of design consultants in New Zealand.


For Urbanlogic success means more than reputation. Success is marked by our belief that excellence can only come from a strong and consolidated strategy, expert skill, vision, creativity and informed collaboration.

Our international multi-disciplinary ‘think tank’ approach provides a platform from which creative ideas can become tangible outcomes.

Designing For Tomorrow

Designing For Tomorrow is Urbanlogic's window devoted to the future of emerging designs, solutions and sustainable trends in the built environment.

In part by actively tracking the innovations in technology, designs and theories and opening up a conversation about "what next?" and "how do we make it happen?"